Preschool age children begin to grow rapidly with the comprehensive development of the early childhood brain. They can learn quickly, communicate effectively, and even sometimes have different behaviors. Our preschool program offers customized STEAM courses that will encourage children to think positively and independently, enhance self-confidence, and also focus on promoting their positive behaviors. We also provide intentional instructions in our preschool program to ensure that children can effectively continue on the path to kindergarten readiness.

  • Language and Literacy Development

Children start to make up stories, sing songs, and try to write letters etc.… 

  • Social and Emotional Development

Children start to work as group, try to help others, start to share stories with teachers and friends etc.…

  • Cognitive Development

Children are able to count more, start to think in logical steps, and put things in order etc.….

  • Physical Development

Children are able to throw and bounce balls, pedal tricycles, and begin to use scissors etc.…