We use Frog Street and ABC Mouse curriculums for our different age programs. These two top brand curriculums are fully accredited and highly recommended by school districts. We are committed to providing children with the best STEAM courses to promote their comprehensive development skills.



We use the curriculum starts by exploring things that children can see in their own environments or tend to be interested in, such as weather, plants and animals, and the sun and moon. As they get older, children learn about more-abstract topics—properties of matter, energy, force and motion, the solar system, and the variety of environments and ecosystems found on Earth.


We use the curriculum provides innovative technology for children with interactive software which contains over 100 activities in phonological awareness, alphabet knowledge, written expression, listening comprehension, vocabulary development and math skills and concepts. Software activities align with weekly instruction for sustained practice of skills. In addition, parents can use eBooks at home to teach and interact with their children of all the literature titles.



Children are also able to learn through play, like drawing structures, designing models, or building machines. The curriculum provides children with many activities to help them build, explore and discover. It is designed to encourage children to observe, think, share , and innovate to support them to develop their engineering skills in cognition, social emotions, fine motors and other aspects.


We use the multifaceted Art and Color curriculum that features unique new drawing and painting tools designed for children to meet their different experiences. It offers more than a thousand pages of drawing, coloring, tracing, and art activities that can be done on the computer or printed out to be used offline. Because different children learn in different ways, this curriculum is intended not only to develop your child’s visual-art skills, but also to teach or reinforce their learning in language arts, math, science, and social studies.


We use the curriculum not only offers the ideal solution to strengthen math but also for children to develop number sense: the ability to relate number symbols to the amounts they stand for. The lessons in the curriculum are designed with specific content domains recommended by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM). In addition, number sense includes the following skills:

  • Comparing quantities (more than and less than)

  • Putting numbers in order

  • Estimating quantities without counting

  • Knowing when the answer to a math problem makes sense


We use the curriculum is designed to help children to recognize and learn letters through age-appropriate reading and writing activities. These activities will support children recognizing uppercase and lowercase letters, writing their names, learning basic phonics, as well as word families, and blending of consonant-vowel-consonant words and more. Our teachers will also engage with children by reading stories to them, helping children to read alone, and encouraging children to share stories with their friends.



Learning songs are a great way for children to hear how words can start or end with the same letter sounds and how words rhyme with each other. We use the curriculum that offers songs about a number of different subjects that teach information in a way that is easy for children to remember. It is also intended to teach children some of the fundamental aspects of creating music.

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