OLDER TODDLERS

                         24 MONTHS - 36 MONTHS


This year-round program focuses on enhancing the simple joy of childhood while nurturing curiosity through exploration. Our older toddler program offers activity choices organized around age-appropriate developmental domains, starts to potty training for all learners, and is designed with intention purpose to make children easy infusion into daily routines and move forward in their development.

  • Cognitive Development---

Children start to name colors, count numbers, understand time etc.…

  • Social and Emotional Development---

Children start to show happy, sad, and mad emotions, take turns and share with others when play together etc.…

  • Language Development---

Children are able to tell names, put words together in a sentence, know letters etc.…  

  • Physical Development---

Children can draw circles, can jump, hop, and climb etc.…   




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