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Our Pre-K program is designed to focus on developing school readiness skills both academically and socially. Our teachers will introduce children more advanced academic knowledge in literacy, math, since, reading, which will bring them close to school level. Our teachers will also provide writing practice activities for children of this age. In addition to academic achievements, our teachers will provide age-appropriate activities to encourage children to solve problems both independently and cooperate with groups, which also helps to improve children’s thinking, social and communication skills.

  • Cognitive Development

Children start to recognize family members, make plans about how to play, and understand basic concepts of time etc.… 

  • Social and Emotional Development

Children enjoy showing off, want to seek for approval when paly with their friends, and start to criticize others to solve problems etc.…  

  • Language Development

Children can write names and letters better, use most plurals and pronouns, and tell stories with beginning, middle, and end etc.…

  • Physical Development

Children are able to cut out basic shapes, start to move in more coordinated ways, and hold large objectives etc.…



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